Our sequencing services

Please visit the NGI website for more in-depth information about the sequencing and genotyping technologies available at the three NGI facilities.s.

The SNP&SEQ Technology Platform offers 'next-generation DNA-sequencing' services, on Illumina sequencing instruments for a variety of different applications, including whole genome sequencing (WGS), de-novo sequencing, targeted genomic sequencing, transcriptome sequencing (RNA), sequencing of chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA (ChIP seq), bisulfite sequencing for DNA methylation analysis and more.

The facility has two NovaSeq 6000, two MiSeq and one iSeq 100 instruments from Illumina. In addition to the sequencers we also have one 10X Genomics Chromium controller and one Dolomite Bio Nadia for single cell transcriptomics. 

  • technical support for project design
  • quality control and measurement of the DNA concentration of all samples before sequencing
  • library preparation with protocols optimal for each research project
  • single-read or paired-end sequencing for several different read lengths
  • bioinformatics support for human WGS with alignment using BWA and variant calling
  • delivery of sequence reads with quality information to a secure delivery resource hosted by SciLifeLab Data Centre.

Read more about the different instruments below, or contact us to discuss the most suitable method for your project.

NovaSeq 6000

SP flowcell

2 lanes
Yield: ≥ 325 GB raw data per flow cell
Reads per lane: ≥325 M
Read length: up to 2 X 250 bases

S1 flowcell

2 lanes
Yield: ≥ 390 GB raw data per flow cell
Reads per lane: ≥650 M
Read length: up to 2 X 150 bases

S2 flowcell

2 lanes
Yield: ≥ 990 GB raw data per flow cell
Reads per lane: ≥1650 M
Read length: up to 2 X 150 bases

S4 flowcell

4 lanes
Yield: ≥ 2400 GB raw data per flow cell
Reads per lane: ≥2000 M
Read length: 2 X 150 bases


1 lane flow cell

Yield: up to 10 GB
Reads per run: up to 18 M
Read lengths: up to 2 x 300 bases

Suitable for: bacterial genomes, targeted resequencing.


Yield: up to 1.2 GB
Reads per run: up to 4 M
Read lengths: up to 2 x 150 bases

Suitable for: amplicon sequencing, metagenomics, pilot studies.

All images: Courtesy of Illumina, Inc


The cost for a sequencing or genotyping project varies according to the application and the number of samples. Please contact our project coordinators for the specific pricing for your project.

Your results

After sequencing the generated raw data will be processed into fastq files. The yield and quality of the data is monitored using various QC steps to make sure the data delivered meet our high standards.

The data is subsequently made available to you on a securely encrypted delivery resource, Data Delivery System (DDS), hosted by SciLifeLab Data Centre. Follow the links to read more about our bioinformatics support and data delivery.

Bioinfomatics support

Accreditation by SWEDAC

To secure a high quality of the offered services, the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform works according to the European quality standard ISO/IEC 17025 and is accredited by SWEDAC as a testing laboratory for genotyping and sequencing. New methods and protocols are continuously validated and added to the collection of accredited methods. The quality of genotyping and sequencing is monitored by regular comparison of the performance of the methods against data from other laboratories. As an accredited laboratory the genotyping and sequencing process, user contacts and management of the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform are audited annually on-site by SWEDAC prior to continuation of the accreditation.

For sequencing inquiries

To request a meeting, please use the NGI Order portal.

For sequencing inquiries:

Elin Övernäs, Lab and project coordinator
Johanna Lagensjö, Head of Sequencing 
Maria Hägglund, Project coordinator
Tom Martin, Project coordinator
Yanara Marincevic-Zuniga, Project coordinator

Email: seq@medsci.uu.se

Last modified: 2022-12-07